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What is The Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is the place for people who are passionate about communication, engagement, culture and employee experience. Here, you can explore and expand your practice, building skills, knowledge and capability whether you’re an expert or just starting your journey. It’s a welcoming, supportive community for sharing, learning and growing, where you will:

  • Discover new and creative ways to make an impact 
  • Connect with like-minded practitioners 
  • Share and learn from everyone’s collective experiences 
  • Shape our industry for the better – and get noticed as you do.
Can I get a demo?

Yes! We’d love to show you around and chat about how you can make the most of a membership to The Clubhouse. We run demo sessions every month – check out the dates and book your free slot here.

Do you do a free trial membership? 

Not at the moment – we’re keen to build a committed, supportive community of practitioners who’re ready to invest in themselves and their industry. And committing financially is part of that. 

Who can join The Clubhouse? 

Current and aspiring communication, engagement, culture and employee experience practitioners. You might be a communications/HR/employee engagement manager, an employee experience advisor, an HR business partner/director, an internal communication director or an in-house practitioner. At the moment, we only welcome professionals from within our sector so you can be sure that The Clubhouse  will feel safe, welcoming and familiar – here you can share your highs and lows and get peer and professional support as well as inspiration and ideas. 

What do I get when I sign up?

So much good stuff! In a nutshell: 

  • Practical tools and timesavers – like presentations, worksheets and cheat sheets.
  • A properly supportive community – where you can share what’s on your mind for support, encouragement and advice from your peers and our team.
  • Thousands of hours of experience to draw upon – from us, and the wider collective. 
  • Hands-on consultancy support – plus an invaluable monthly 1:1 session with your Culture Club Mentor if you’re a Premium member.
  • Amazing playbooks and helpful how-to videos – for scenarios like understanding your culture, planning your IC strategy or defining your EVP. 
  • All the latest industry thinking – researched and condensed so you can learn it in minutes.
Will there be new information being added?  

Of course. We don’t believe in resting on laurels here at The Culture Club, and will be building the contents of The Clubhouse, with new articles, guides, topics and tools appearing every month. The world doesn’t stand still – so our best practice collective most definitely can’t!

Who runs The Clubhouse and is it moderated?

The Clubhouse is a best practice collective brought to you by The Culture Club. Content is authored by our in-house experts, and our community is moderated by our team to keep everyone safe and build a supportive community.